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Examination Results Summary 2016/2017

2016/2017 was another excellent year A Level results:

A Level & equivalents - Results
23.3% A* - A grades
63.1% A* - B grades
86.2% A*- C grades
99.6% Pass rate

These are very pleasing results for our students, parents and the school, with a number of students gaining top grades across the board. Our A Level results are highly competitive when compared to other schools in the local area. The students fully deserve their success, which was down to their hard work and the very positive and productive partnership between staff, students and their families.

Progress made in English and Maths (grade progress in Sixth Form)

Progress made compared to students across England
- A Level
- Vocational

Average grade at KS5
- A Level
- Vocational

Retention Rate (2015)
(Nat Average)



2017 Exam Results by Subject  “Please note that these figures show percentages of raw results and take no account of the baseline ability of the students in each group.”

Student University Destinations 2016

    ALPS (A Level Performance System) Results 2016

    The Sixth Form at Edgbarrow has consistently provided excellent/outstanding ‘Value Added’ education over the past five years. We are delighted that we have been recognised again in 2015 as ‘Outstanding’ and that we have been ranked in the top 25% nationally for our A-Level and BTEC performance.  This success is thanks to a wonderful partnership between students, parents, teachers and support staff, and a lot of hard work from everyone concerned. We are proud of our students, of their many achievements and of their successes. We believe that we can improve further upon these results and that the future of Edgbarrow Sixth Form is very bright.

    What is ALPS? Results of GCSEs taken in Year 11 give an indication of the point score that can be expected to be achieved when the student goes on to take AS and A Levels 1 and/or 2 years later. For each individual student, the ‘Value Added’ score is a calculation, devised by a team at Greenhead College in Huddersfield and now used and recognised nationally, which is based on the difference between the actual point score and the predicted point score.



Our Sixth Form EU Referendum debate (select link to view photos) was most informative with students asking important and relevant questions which were well debated by representatives Mr Andrew Lebrecht - Britain Stronger In Europe and Mr Liam Ascough - Vote Leave. Before the debate students did a before and after vote/poll to see who would ‘win’ the argument. Results are as follows :

Before the debate : 88 Remain; 8 Leave; 22 Undecided
After the debate : 76 Remain; 14 Leave; 17 undecided

Thank you to our guest speakers, BBC South Today and to the students who asked questions.

Civil Engineering
Contemporary Education



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