JustGiving3This is an opportunity to make a voluntary tax-free donation to the Edgbarrow PTA School Fund via our JustGiving site.  For each family, the school is asking for a voluntary £60 annual donation. This can be paid either as a one-off annual payment or through a monthly direct debit for £5. Of course, should you feel able to donate more, then you would not be limited to this amount, and equally, we will be grateful for whatever help you are able to give us.  Without your support, we may not be able to maintain our high standards of progress and attainment.  We would be very grateful if you could also tick the relevant box to add Gift Aid.  The Inland Revenue will repay income tax to the PTA at the rate of 25% per year on the value of the gift.
Our hope is that the introduction of this Gift Aid Scheme will enable us to enhance provision for our students.

Should you have any queries or comments regarding this letter please send them to We will then create a Frequently Asked Questions area on the school website with responses.  Thank you for your support.

If you use the internet to do your shopping please give a thought to making your purchases through Easyfundraising. So instead of going directly to a retailer’s website, go to easy fundraising first and choose the retailer you want to shop with – then everything you spend with that retailer earns a free donation (average of 5%) for Edgbarrow School PTA. Please register at -

It is the PTA’s aim to raise money for the school to purchase those extra items for the use of your children in their education, therefore, please support the school as much as possible and tell your friends.  Thank you for your support.

match funding ESCould you help double the amount the PTA raises for Edgbarrow School?
If you work for a corporate company you probably can with just a few clicks!

You will hopefully be aware of the work your PTA is doing to raise funds for our school. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the Match Funding scheme and how a little bit of your time could raise double the funds for the PTA.

Many companies match charitable work or donations their employees make, so if you donate to the School (via Justgiving) or support a PTA fundraising activity, you could double the amount the school receives.  For more information please select this link.

Recycling Incentive Scheme

Recycling incentive scheme 2Starting 1st November, Edgbarrow School will be listed as one of the three causes to receive Smart Rewards for Good Causes from the Bracknell Parish Council (a proportion of £1000).

So do you:
1. Live in Bracknell Forest?
2. Have an E+ Card?
3. Benefit from the council recycling rewards scheme (white sticker on the blue bin)?

If so, then please follow this link to nominate Edgbarrow as the Good Cause to benefit from the quarterly £1000 fund. The donation of points to Edgbarrow is open from 1st November 2018 to 31st January 2019.

If you don’t but live in Bracknell Forest then please consider applying for 2. and 3. using the links below, so that you too can nominate us.

E+ card: apply for one.
Register for recycling rewards.