Highest Ability and Talented Students

The starting point for Edgbarrows' High Ability and Talented programme is the 'High Ability and Talented Register'.  Students are identified in three main ways:

  • Identified by primary school
  • Scoring 129 or over in any section of the CATs exam
  • Subject teacher identification

This information is then made available to teachers via SIMs. Under their class; baseline date’ there is specific information about what the student is on the register for.

As well as each department knowing who is Most Able in their subject each department has specific strategies in place to stretch these students: for example, the Maths Department has the ‘Maths challenge’ for their more able students and in KS4 59 out of 60 students made three or more levels of progress. 25 students made five levels of progress.

When students are identified as being more able in a specific subject in Y7 the vast majority go on to achieve A or A* in that subject at GCSE.

As well as departments stretching their more able student's whole school opportunities are offered to students on the ‘High Ability and Talented Register’. There have been various courses and lectures offered for students to get into the top universities and consequently there have been more Edgbarrow students being offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge than previously.

Highest Ability and Talented - BBC Active article

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